client of the month

Matt is our September 2021 client of the month!


Matt has been training with us for 7 months. Matt has been making stellar improvements in his weight loss, strength gain and energy levels! He has lost 16 pounds and 5 inches off of his waist. Not only that, he went from barely squeezing out 2 push ups to doing a complex push up matrix with a 14 pound weight vest on! His dedication and hard work paid dividends toward his health and it has shows.


I am excited to see what the future has in store for Matt. If he keeps up what he’s doing now, I am sure he will see even greater improvements!

Keep up the great work!

Miriam is our August 2021 client of the month!


Miriam had been receiving physical therapy for her myofascial cervical pain prior to training here. Having myofascial cervical pain limited her quality of life and she wasn't able to enjoy the activities she used to do. She found us because she wanted to make some lifestyle adjustments to improve her symptoms. 


Miriam has been training at our studio for about 3 months. Her overall training has helped improve her symptoms by training the muscles around the area so not one muscle is overcompensating and because of this, she has not had any flare-ups since. In addition to improving her symptoms, she has been able to increase her strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, and flexibility. Miriam is an ideal client to work with because she puts her best effort in and pushes hard each session! She’s proven this with a 6 minute and 3-second wall squat! 


Keep up the great work Miriam, we cannot wait to see what goals you crush next! 

Angela is our July 2021 client of the month!


Angela found us because she wanted to train at a place that understood her knee. Having malalignment of her patellas, it limited her quality of life and she was afraid of doing any sort of movement.


Since working with her, she has made huge strides, figuratively and literally, toward bettering her health and quality of life. Angela is the perfect client that embodies the notion of little wins leading to big wins. From being afraid of bending her knees, to being comfortable enough to train, to her having the confidence to not allow her knees to dictate her life. Angela’s journey is just beginning, but if she continues to build confidence and display the effort she has up to this point, she will continue making improvements.

Angela was able to lower her blood sugar levels from pre-diabetic ranges to completely normal ranges!


We are so excited that Angela chose us to help her achieve her goals! Keep up the great work!!!

George is our June 2021 client of the month!

George has been training at our fitness studio since the beginning of April. He started after having surgery on the cartilage of his knee. George played multiple sports and has been extremely athletic throughout his life but noticed more recently poor dietary habits and declining exercise levels started making a difference in how he looked and felt.


George’s persistence and hard work has paid off very quickly. In less than two months he has lost 32 pounds of body fat and has accumulated more muscle mass and tone. George has lowered his cholesterol and blood sugar levels to normal ranges and is getting off of his blood pressure medicine. He has lost inches off his belly, increased his flexibility, improved his cardiovascular fitness and reports looking and feeling better.


Looking forward to continuing to partner together in your health and wellness journey to reach future goals!


Great job – keep up the great work!

Lynette is our May 2021 client of the month!


She has been training with us for 4 months and has proven day in and day out that hard work triumphs. Being a combat athlete, Lynette requires strength, power, endurance, coordination, and technique to be successful in her sport. It is a tall order, but her determination and desire to get better drives her to surpass her limits every session.

In addition to may other "wins", Lynette has lost an amazing 5 inches off her waist!


Drive, enthusiasm and talent are all traits an athlete must have to be successful in both training and their sport. Good thing for Lynette, she has all three!


Let’s keep it going!

Duncan is our April 2021 client of the month!


Duncan has been training at our fitness studio 3 times per week since October 2020. He trains extremely hard each and every session! Duncan has made incredible improvement in his strength, balance, muscular endurance and flexibility. He has lost 10 pounds, reduced his waist size by 3 inches and has significantly improved his muscular body composition.


Moreover, Duncan reports simply just feeling much healthier since training at EPT&FS.


We look forward to working together to achieve future goals.


Great job Duncan! Keep up the great work!

Karen  is our March 2021 client of the month!


Karen has been training at our fitness studio for 6 weeks. She is awesome to work with! Karen has a great sense of humor and consistently demonstrates a great work ethic.


In 6 short weeks, Karen has dropped 1 clothing size, gotten off of blood pressure medicine and made significant gains in her muscle tone and coordination.


We are super excited to partner with her to help her achieve her fitness and health goals!

Ruth is our February 2021 client of the month!


Ruth has been training with us for about 3 weeks now and she has been what most would call an ideal client. She is motivated, determined, and gives her 100% every time she comes through our door. Proper training is difficult, but Ruth does not let that slow down her progress. She has made great improvement in her balance, body strength, and rotator cuff stability while training with us.  


Ruth has been a pleasure to train and because of her work ethic, we are confident she will make great progress!

Mark is our January 2021 client of the month!


Mark was our very 1st client and has been training with us for a while now. He is a great guy and busts his butt every training session.


At 60+ years of age he has done a 15-minute plank!


Awesome job Mark! Keep up the great work!

Randy is our  December 2020 client of the month!


He busts his butt every training session and has progressed to some pretty high-end activities. Check him out  in this video!


Awesome job Randy! Keep up the great work!