client of the month

George is our June 2021 client of the month!

George has been training at our fitness studio since the beginning of April. He started after having surgery on the cartilage of his knee. George played multiple sports and has been extremely athletic throughout his life but noticed more recently poor dietary habits and declining exercise levels started making a difference in how he looked and felt.


George’s persistence and hard work has paid off very quickly. In less than two months he has lost 20 pounds of body fat and has accumulated more muscle mass and tone. He has lost inches off his belly, increased his flexibility, improved his cardiovascular fitness and reports looking and feeling better.


Looking forward to continuing to partner together in your health and wellness journey to reach future goals!


Great job – keep up the great work!

Lynette is our May 2021 client of the month!


She has been training with us for 4 months and has proven day in and day out that hard work triumphs. Being a combat athlete, Lynette requires strength, power, endurance, coordination, and technique to be successful in her sport. It is a tall order, but her determination and desire to get better drives her to surpass her limits every session.


Drive, enthusiasm and talent are all traits an athlete must have to be successful in both training and their sport. Good thing for Lynette, she has all three!


Let’s keep it going!

Duncan is our April 2021 client of the month!


Duncan has been training at our fitness studio 3 times per week since October 2020. He trains extremely hard each and every session! Duncan has made incredible improvement in his strength, balance, muscular endurance and flexibility. He has lost 10 pounds, reduced his waist size by 3 inches and has significantly improved his muscular body composition.


Moreover, Duncan reports simply just feeling much healthier since training at EPT&FS.


We look forward to working together to achieve future goals.


Great job Duncan! Keep up the great work!

Karen  is our March 2021 client of the month!


Karen has been training at our fitness studio for 6 weeks. She is awesome to work with! Karen has a great sense of humor and consistently demonstrates a great work ethic.


In 6 short weeks, Karen has dropped 1 clothing size, gotten off of blood pressure medicine and made significant gains in her muscle tone and coordination.


We are super excited to partner with her to help her achieve her fitness and health goals!

Mark is our January 2021 client of the month!


Mark was our very 1st client and has been training with us for a while now. He is a great guy and busts his butt every training session.


At 60+ years of age he has done a 15-minute plank!


Awesome job Mark! Keep up the great work!

Randy is our  December 2020 client of the month!


He busts his butt every training session and has progressed to some pretty high-end activities. Check him out  in this video!


Awesome job Randy! Keep up the great work!