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InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis

Most people step on the scales to get a measurement of their weight – in essence to see how their perceived health is doing. However, the scale is a misleading way to assess health. It only measures how much the entirety of your body weighs. It doesn’t differentiate between muscle, fat, bone, blood, water or your organs. So, when your weight goes up or down you really don’t know what changes have occurred within your body.

For example, three different individuals can weigh 200 pounds but the first has 20% body fat, the second has 30% body fat and the third has 40% body fat. All three weigh the same but the percentage of their body which is made up of unhealthy fat differs dramatically.

Furthermore, three people can all have 25% body fat but the location of that fat [belly fat versus extremity fat] can be in different locations which, in turn, will mean dramatically different things regarding their health.
Therefore, using a scale to assess your health is like having a fever and putting your forearm up to your forehead to assess if your temperature has gone up or down. Accurate assessment must be made with a thermometer not your forearm!

The InBody composition analyzer is your health thermometer. It is the appropriate and accurate metric to assess your health. It not only tells us how much fat and muscle you have in your body but it tells us where it’s located. It measures the amount of dangerous belly fat, your metabolic rate, your level of systemic inflammation and so much more.





We offer state-of-the-art body composition analysis by using the InBody 570 body analyzer. This test is quick, easy and painless. However, the amount of detailed and important information it generates is HUGE.

This test allows us to assess all of the following:


  1. Body Weight

  2. BMI [Body Mass Index]

  3. BMR [Basal Metabolic Rate] - a measurement of your metabolism

  4. Total Muscle Mass

  5. Total Body Fat

  6. % Muscle Mass

  7. % Body Fat

  8. Segmental Body Fat/Muscle Mass - precise measurement of how much muscle and fat are in the arms, legs and trunk

  9. Visceral Fat Level - a measurement of dangerous belly fat [the most important indicators of health]

  10. Intracellular/Extracellular Water Content - measurement of inflammation level in your body.

This data gives us a precise picture of what is happening within your body and allows us to accurately and precisely prescribe, progress and monitor your training. Comparing your re-evaluations to your initial measurements gives us a precise picture of your progress and  further directs our high-end individual training programs.

Cost of test and follow-up consultation - $100

Cost of re-test -$50

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