Help! I can't afford your services


  • Personal Training with David Trumbore PT, DPT, CSC, CWT, CPI [currently all booked]

  • Personal Training with Adriene Khon, BS, CPT

  • Personal Training with Amy Kha BS, CPT, Pn1

Perhaps the most important part of your success is the initial examination which allows us to prescribe, progress and monitor your training to ensure that it is injury-free and that you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

The initial examination with Dr. Trumbore and Adriene Khon BS, CPT/Amy Kha BS, CPT, Pn1 includes the following: review of past medical and surgical history, medications, nutritional supplements, fitness goals, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and fitness assessment.


Initial Examination/Evaluation:  $110.00



After the initial examination, we will develop and prescribe an individualized and goal-specific fitness program. We understand that this involves a considerable commitment of your time, energy and money.


Therefore, we are pleased to offer the following packages.

(A minimum commitment of 10 training sessions are required). All training sessions are 1 hour.

*Additional 1% discount if you pay by check.

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*Individual and group/family plans are available and can be developed and created on an individual basis*