consistency over perfection


Lynda - 1 min. plank by 11/24
Duncan - 9 pullups by 11/25
Sid - bench press 225x10 by 12/31



George: -32lbs (16 weeks) Triglycerides 201 --> 64
Randy: -12lbs
Sid: -55lbs & 75lb. dumbell bench press 12 reps
Matt: 12 pushups
Karen: dropped 30lbs and stopped blood pressure and cholesterol medication

Morgan: 25 pushups 
Lynette dropped 5 inches on her waist
Angela: A1C 5.9 --> 5.3
Lauren - 3 min. plank
Martha - 1 min. plank



Tony 2:00s.
Dave 1:45s.
Randy 1:16s.
Adriene 1:12s.
Max 1:23s.


Mark 8:00s.
Adriene 7:00s.
Rachel 5:02s.
Matt 4:00s.
Miriam 2:14s.
Sid 2:00
George 2:00
Lauren 3:00
Amy 4:30

Ball plank

Dave 7:07s.
Mark 7:08s.
Andrew 1:00s.
Rachel 3:37s.
Duncan 2:31s.
Amy 3:00s.
George 2:01s.
Lynette 1:40s.
Matt 3:11s.


Randy 4.79x
Duncan 5.1x

Mark 2.07x
Adriene 3.5x

Sid 3x

George 2.6x

Dan 3x

Mike 4.75x

Lynette 2.07x

Rachel 2.17x


Amy 13
Adriene 17
Mike 6
Randy 12
Duncan 6

Ball balance

Dave 4:29s.
Adriene 7:15s.
Andrew 20:00s.

Pushup Wheel

Mark 22
Adriene 45
Amy 20

Sid 15
George 20
Max 17
Duncan 40

30/180 Box Jump

Andrew 10x
Dave 4x


Vince 400
Dan 250
Dave 500

Wall Sit

Colleen      6:00s.
Miriam       6:03s.

Janice P.    6:14s.

Lateral Drill

Dave      15s.
Duncan  21s.
George  16s.
Andrew  16s.
Randy     11s.
Sid          21s.
Miriam   21s.
Adriene 15s.
Shane     21s.

Rachel    16s.

Dead Hang

Randy 1:25s.
Rachel 2:17s.
Mark 2:12s.
Adriene 1:58s.
Amy 2:10s.

Double hex sticks

Dave 28
Adriene 24
George 9


Rachel 1
Adriene 1


single hex sticks

Vince 24