Rachel C.

Amazing personal attention!
I was a little skeptical about whether there was any room for change to my body composition and level of fitness because I am already an active person who works out frequently.  However, in just two months, I have seen muscles I never before knew existed, and I have grown in the areas I wanted to grow, and shrank in the areas I wanted to shrink.  How do I know this?  At elite, they take measurements, look at your progress and give you an in-depth look at your health in order to measure your progress and keep an eye on what to work on, and what to be mindful of, all based on the individual's needs. I work with Amy, and she's amazing. She really understands the importance of exercising safely, while pushing you beyond your norm.  Also, she is funny with positive vibes. Dave is a great physical therapist and trainer who has all the information about overall health and very knowledgable answers to all your medical questions.  Overall, this place is personalized to your needs, straight forward, well informed and inviting.  No gimmicks or trying to sell you on sh*t.

Karen Z.

"I’ve been going to Elite Personal Training for a few months, Adriene has change my life. Before starting at Elite, I thought I would never be able to do some of the things I do now. I have degenerate disc disease and had three cervical fusion in my neck which caused me to need dozens of steroid injections. The injections caused me to gain weight rapidly and my ability to safely work out. I also had high blood pressure. I had to take blood pressure medication daily.

I no longer have High blood pressure nor do I require blood pressure medication. Since starting with Elite, I have not only been losing weight but I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. Adriene is such an amazing trainer and works with you every step of the way. Elite has completely changed my life and I can’t thank them enough."

Mike R.

"Working out with Dave has been a life-changing experience for my physical health over the last couple years. Prior to starting his training, I had accepted that an injury from my college sport would always cause me to have arthritis following sports activities. Due to my gained core strength and mobility through his workouts, I can again play the sport I love with minimal discomfort.


Dave incorporates his knowledge in physical therapy, kinesiology, and various personal training techniques, to provide a unique workout program for you. He constantly adapts the workout, which will keep you excited to go to every workout."

Kim B.

"Love the one-on-one and targeted training. As someone with ongoing knee issues, being able to train with people who keep your personal history and needs in mind has been extremely helpful. Sessions are smartly structured for overall fitness but targeted to meet your personal goals. They are also great at keeping you accountable!"

Maria C.

"I am a 56 year old female in relatively good health who had been committed to a routine strength training (3x's weekly) for about 3 months prior to the shutdown. Once forced to stay at home, I attempted to maintain a fairly stable routine on my own. Then, Amy reached out to me offering her services. I hesitated at first but am SOOOO glad I acted on it. Amy is always on time, energetic, and very engaged in the every training sessions. You will be pleasantly surprised as to how attentive she is to your form and process - she can see EVERYTHING! Her routines vary and always keep me alert and interested. Amy is flexible as my work-from-home schedule changes at the last minute. I HIGHLY recommend Amy."

Vibha B.

"I cannot love and recommend this office any more than I already do. I appreciate the positivity, hard work, and the ethical and moral values these guys have. They are not here to misguide you. I have been through multiple personal trainers at different gyms prior to this and always felt like my trainers were not listening to me and what my goals were. I have changed trainers over the years and that didn’t change much. Personal training at a physical therapy office is not like personal training at a gym. I have had to go through physical therapy off and on due to bulging disc issues after having my first child and would never go to anyone other than Dr. Trumbore. Following up after therapy, I started personal training with Adriene and for the first time I have a trainer who is interested in my goals and is training me accordingly. I am 21 weeks pregnant and he modifies my plan as needed as my pregnancy is progressing. He explains the reasoning behind each exercise and why we are doing it and how it helps my particular situation, which I love because I have a better understanding of what we are doing. He is very encouraging. There are days I walks in to my session dragging my feet because of extreme exhaustion, but I always feel great when I start exercising with Adriene. We listen to great music. The environment is very relaxing unlike being at a gym. Now especially with the pandemic I feel comfortable going here because he is constantly wiping down surfaces that I touch. We both wear masks and I know they take all the precautions they can take to keep their clients protected. If you are looking to get something out of your time, money and effort call them! You will not regret it."

Doug G.

"I wanted to improve my athletic performance basketball. I had used personal trainers in the past but was not impressed and questioned whether it was worth my time and money. I was referred by a friend Dr. David Trumbore. I cannot convey how pleased I was with this decision. I had a thorough evaluation and we spent time discussing my fitness and basketball-related goals. He implemented a very sport specific training program and I was amazed how quickly I saw results in my strength, flexibility, endurance my overall basketball game. I highly recommend!"

Gina C.

"I started working with Amy in-person in a small group setting.  Once Covid hit and gyms shut down, I started Zoom training with her.  Amy was able to pivot seamlessly to the on-line platform using whatever equipment I had around the house plus bodyweight.  In both scenarios, Amy is kind, supportive and builds varied routines that work all parts of the body. I'd highly recommend Amy!"

DR. Ann

"I am a 30 something physical therapist who had undergone knee surgery which required me to be non-weight bearing on that limb for over a month. I lost considerable amount of strength in my leg muscles and needed rehabilitation in order to return to work with my patients safely and pain free. I expected to perform the same old same old quad strengthening exercises, maybe some muscle stimulation treatments, but received much more. I also was working towards my black belt in karate and needed to regain total body conditioning to return to those workouts. Dave worked me hard but with such an innovated routine I looked forward to what his creative mind would come up with next. He got my quads back firing and had me doing core strengthening that truly changed my shape and workout routines to this day. I am pain free and stronger than ever. I was able to earn my black belt this summer and want to thank Dave and his staff for their role in that accomplishment!  "

Robert  c.

"I came to Dr. Dave for training when I tore my ACL. It was a rough time for me. I didn’t think I would ever be myself again, but when I finished, I left much better than I came in! He worked out my entire body in my rehabilitation and not just my knee. Now, thanks to the personal training they provided, I’m much healthier and stronger than I was before I hurt my knee. Thanks to Dr. Dave, I am back and playing sports again the way I did before and I understand how important the overall health of my body is."

Jose V.

"Amy is great!!! She is always looking for different routines that keeps you challenged. I didn't know you could do so many different workouts at home, just using your own body!!! Amy makes the sessions fun and she looks at all you do to make sure you are doing it right. And you can see results in few weeks. I highly recommend her!!!"

George V.

I played sports in high school and college and have been active all of my life. I am now in my early 60s and more recently began feeling the effects of not eating well and not exercising regularly. A friend of mine, who trains at Elite Personal and Fitness Solutions in Huntington Valley, recommended that I start training there too. I was interested based on his recommendation but was reluctant since I live 45-60 minutes away. Several months ago, I decide to give it a try and see if it was worth the long drive. I have to say I could not be happier – this place is great! On my initial visit I had a thorough evaluation which was followed by a lengthy discussion. Dr. Dave explained in detail many nuances of my health and laid out a plan that would help me achieve my goals. I train with Dr. Dave – but all the trainers are quite knowledgeable and friendly. The training program that Dr. Dave prescribed that was very different from anything I ever experienced. Each training session is different. In a relatively short period of time, I have made significant improvement in my strength, balance, muscle tone and endurance. My health and weight problems are being improved as I am constantly challenged in every training session. As I mentioned, I played many sports and exercised throughout my life but I never experienced anything like this type of training. My training includes a variety of functional exercises that are progressed and monitored with emphasis on safety while producing maximal results.


I highly recommend Elite!

Jim F.

I have worked with Amy for two years now and have experienced the quality of her training and her encouragement first hand. Amy is prompt to our appointments, is always prepared and does a great job of “mixing up” sessions that are both challenging and fun. She is very diligent about ensuring proper technique for each element of our training sessions. The results, for me, have been weight loss, improved body shape and increase in confidence. I enthusiastically endorse her talents and the benefits she will bring to her employer and her future clients.

Princess m.

I came to Amy for personal training because I knew I needed support and guidance from a professional. I trained under the direction of Amy for about 8 weeks and she thoroughly listened to my weight management/loss goals, not only tailored exercises specifically for me but offered suggestions on nutrition and her support in between our weekly training sessions. With her support, I have lost 8.5lbs., not to mention, approximately 2.5 inches from both the waist area and hips. To date, with Amy's guidance, I currently continue to stay focused on my fitness journey. Thank you Amy for your assistance in being/becoming fit for life.

Lynette J.

"The whole process is great and really helpful. Personal training sessions with Adriene have made a huge difference so far in my strength and achieving my athletic goals! I have seen more progress in these sessions than any other training I have tried. Professional, educational, clean, safe and welcoming atmosphere. I highly recommend!!"


I am 40 years old and starting to go down the wrong path with my health. With being overweight and developing high blood pressure my health wasn’t looking too hot.


I started Personal Training with Elite where I was evaluated by Dave who did a thorough evaluation and answered all my questions with no hesitation. Dave is highly knowledgeable and truly wants to help and see clients succeed.


I started training with Adriene who is awesome, he is very attentive and encouraged me to stay motivated. My schedule fit better with Amy’s schedule and I eventually started training with her. Amy is great, also very attentive, keeps me motivated, modifies exercises that I cannot do, she introduces unique exercises that keep the sessions fun!


I was received an evaluation with the InBody. WOW, this InBody machine gives you so much information about what your body is actually composed of!


It was an eye-opening experience for me to see these numbers and what I must work on. I was able to see where I need the most help and not just step on the scale to measure my weight. They then sat down and went over the results thoroughly and explained everything to me. All my questions were answered.


I set goals for myself, and I am looking forward to the next assessment to see the difference. I want to feel good and look good and be there for my family.


With Dave, Adriene, and Amy’s expertise I know I have the help to go down the right path and live a happy, healthy, active lifestyle. I know without them I would not be able to do that.


I highly recommend Elite Personal Training to anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Dave, Adriene and Amy are the best!



Randy W.

"I've been going to Elite Personal Training the past month or so. They are terrific at what they do - they are knowledgeable, personable and friendly. I would highly recommend using them for any training needs."

Dan R.

"Personal training with Dr. Dave has literally been life altering! I am in my early 60s and was becoming frustrated. I played multiple sports in high school and college and continued playing recreationally. However, I found myself starting to “wind down”. My fitness level had deteriorated, I could no longer run, I had gained weight and would frequently get injured. I was at the point where I reluctantly was about to accept my fate and stop playing basketball.

I had a neck and knee injury which connected me with Dr. Dave for rehabilitation. After my physical therapy, we started intensive personal training three times a week.


Our first visit was a comprehensive evaluation followed by mutual goal setting and then a prescribed individual program. We have been training together three times a week and the results have been amazing! I have lost weight, improved my fitness levels tremendously, gained flexibility, improved muscular strength (especially my core) and can run again. Perhaps most importantly, I have resumed playing competitive basketball.


I’ve had personal training in the past but my training with Dr. Dave is unique and unlike anything else I have experienced. He combines his knowledge of physical therapy, anatomy, exercise science and 3 decades of experience to prescribe, monitor and advance the most effective individualized training programs. My programs are ever-changing so my progress does not become stagnant. I can’t recommend training with him enough!"

Denise C.

"Working with Amy this past year has been a positive life changing experience for me. She patiently guides me through all the movements while gently encouraging me to push myself further each time. As a result I have greater strength and endurance along with a trimmer physique. My sessions with Amy, they’re my gift to me. She’s wonderful!"

Igor S.

"Adriene was the one that introduced me to lifting 5 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. His focus on making lifting fun and practical makes working out effortless. He has always been eager to answer my questions about fitness or to find the answer if he didn’t have it already."

Dawn S.

"Amy is amazing. I've seen great results working with Amy the past few months. Very affordable and very flexible to work around my personal demanding schedule. Amy constantly increases the difficulty and scope of our sessions to assist me in obtaining my fitness goals. Whether in person or on zoom, Amy gives you 100% of her attention. She is the best. I am new to the fitness world, but with Amy's help and inspiration, I am encouraged to continue on this journey."

Tony M.

"Not having an active workout schedule in the past, Dr. Dave has been a great Personal Trainer in supporting my training objectives. I have been able to see continual improvement working out with him for the past year. I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness that I have now if not for the personal attention given in my training sessions. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness and health goal."

Joanne R.

"Working with  Dr. Dave at EPTFS has helped me greatly with my mobility, strength and balance. The training is adapted to your abilities and specific goals and Dr. Dave is constantly challenging you to be better. This allowed me stay healthy and get faster while I was training for a marathon. In my late thirties, I am even running a faster mile time than I did as a college athlete!"

Angela H-E.

"I injured my left knee so I was looking for a nearby facility that offered strength training with a physical therapy focus. This was very important to me in order to ensure proper form when starting to working out again and to have the on-site expertise to prevent further aggravation of my knee issues. While searching the internet late one night, I found Elite. I called the next day and made an appointment with Dave. At my consultation, a thorough strength, mobility and health assessment was performed. Since January, I have been strength training twice a week with Adriene and it was the best decision I've made! Adriene is very attentive to my form and challenges me (but in a safe way) during my sessions which I love! With the expertise of both Dave and Adriene, they also suggested a taping method for my knee which has significantly improved my confidence and general mobility resulting in less overall pain and allows me to progress even more in my strength training sessions! I am so happy that I found Elite and wished that I had discovered them sooner!"

Debbie P.

"I am a 35 year- old nurse, and a mother of three children. One year ago, I had varicose vein surgery. As a result of a doctor's mistake, my peroneal nerve which supplies function to my leg and foot was severed. I now have to wear a brace on my leg to be able to walk. Before I went to Dr. Dave my spirit was broken. I didn't know my limitations or capabilities I had to face with my new brace. I was mentally and physically drowning in my sorrow, because I felt stripped of my health, strength, and speed. In addition to my leg, I was treated holistically in mind, body, and spirit. The rehabilitation, physical fitness workouts, and Pilates have made me a stronger, faster, fit person that I have ever been in my life. The nutritional supplements they recommended such as, Accelerade and Enderox enabled me to endure the continual progression of intense workouts. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Dave for giving me my quality of life back and restoring my spirit. I am challenged each and every workout to be the best I can be and my brace is no longer an issue."

Paige B.

I started personal training with Amy because I needed that motivation and I was also intimidated/unsure of how to use the equipment at the gym. She has significantly increased my confidence about myself and my ability to use the equipment on my own! Her workouts are well rounded and very effective! I have worked with Amy for about a year now and the results have been amazing. Not only does Amy make working out enjoyable and fun, she is incredibly kind and she also gives her full attention to you and really makes you become a better you! I don’t see myself with any other trainer but Amy, she is amazing!!!

Duncan P.

At the suggestion of a good friend, I setup an evaluation appointment with Dave Trumbore of Elite
Personal Training. I had something in mind for my physical health for some time but had not followed up
on it before my friend nudged me; I could see that he had benefited from his Elite training. That
evaluation ten months ago started me on my beneficial path with Elite.
Dave looked me over then quizzed me on my health goals. For me these were simple: work to physically
feel like I did in the past without hurting myself. Sounds simple. I had idea how to do it on my own. Dave
gave me a personal, individual, plan to me get there. Not being overweight helped me. Being out of shape from neglect did not. Dave’s plan addressed the later with hourly guided workouts three times a week. He plans each of my hours with his knowledge of what to do at each point in the sessions. He is there with me the entire time to direct and encourage me, while assuring that I will not be injured. Each hour is a complete challenge with constant direction and feedback. He intersperses helpful comments about diet and eating habits – things that I was aware of but never thought much about before. Dave also encouraged me to try the evening Yoga stretching classes which have complemented the workout times. All in the friendly Elite Personal Training team has guided me to be fitter again. I feel like my old self. It has taken me hours of work to get here with Dave as my leader. I would never have done it alone. If you want a personal way to safely workout for your physical health, the team at Elite Personal Training is a great way to do it.