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Weight management & Nutrition counseling

Weight Loss and Weight Management Prescription Counseling


If you are like most Americans, you have attempted to lose weight. You have tried the latest diets, taken the advice of a friend who lost weight and have listened to the celebrity and fitness gurus. But unfortunately, you have either been unable to lose weight or lost weight only to gain it back - and then some.


Weight loss is a complicated and complex topic and requires management, oversight and accountability in many aspects of life.


Dr. Trumbore can help you finally succeed! He is an expert in the science of weight management and has created and taught a trademark seminar called Why You Are Not Losing Weight.™ 


After a thorough evaluation which includes review of your past medical history, current eating patterns, medications and supplements, exercise program (if any) and goals, Dr. Trumbore will prescribe and monitor individualized and goal-specific healthy eating patterns, nutritional supplementation and exercise.

Initial Consultation – $150


Counseling/Support Sessions – $100hour


 Our client Karen lost 70lbs! 


 Our Client Steve lost over 30lbs and 5 inches in the waist!