PLEASE NOTE  -  due to Covid 19, each client is expected to bring their own personal exercise mat. If you would like, you can purchase a mat from our office.


Tue 7-8 PM

Ashtanga fundamentals yoga


In this Ashtanga Fundamentals class, Joanna McGough MS, PA (ASCP), AT-C, CPT offers key alignment tips and gives time and space to transition from posture to posture. You will practice many postures from the Ashtanga primary series for a well balanced one hour practice which perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners. 



Thur 7-8 PM

Beginners Vinyasa yoga


Move through classic yoga postures and connect to the breath. You will learn how to properly breathe and safely move through a balanced routine created to make you feel strong, open and relaxed. Joanna McGough MS, PA (ASCP), AT-C, CPT will provide modifications for postures so the class is accessible for all levels



Sun 10 AM

Power yoga

A vigorous full body yoga workout that will increase strength, power and flexibility while reducing stress. The practices links breath with movement and will improve your overall fitness. 


Scheduled on an individual basis

Private Sessions

Working with Joanna in a one on one setting is the safest and most effective way to approach your yoga journey. Great for the students who need extra attention and may be healing from an injury or chronic pain. Learn how to properly breathe and link movement with the breath for a transformative experience.

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