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Anthony J.

"I am a police officer in his 30s who regularly lifts weights and trains in Brazilian jujitsu/wrestling. I am constantly sore and tight, specifically in the lower back area. As I continue to train hard in my 30s, I’ve noticed that my lower back tightness has gotten more severe after a few days of work mixed with training. Ever since starting restorative yoga with Joanna Grace, my lower back, hips and legs have loosened up immensely and I feel the blood circulates better in these areas. I definitely feel better waking up in the morning and I feel it it’s a direct correlation to the techniques practiced with Joanna. Joanna’s classes are very well structured and informative, while making you feel relaxed and welcome. She does a great job assisting you and providing detailed techniques to help you get the most out of the class, while not pushing anyone outside of what they are physically capable of. If you suffer from constant low back tightness and want something to help prolong your health and wellness, definitely check her out!"

BOb C.

"Here is my story: After working 30 years in Philadelphia as a paramedic in the Philadelphia fire department, my body, joints, knees and lower back took a beating while lifting and carrying patients using poor body mechanics. Lots of heavy lifting and twisting really took its toll on my back and knees. So, over the years I carried thousands of patients. After I retired, I experienced severe pain in my lower back and right knee. I discovered that I had herniated discs in my low back and bone on bone in my right knee. I had a variety of treatments including: 800 mg Motrin, lidocaine gel, tens unit, physical therapy and cortisone shots in my knee. Then one day my primary care provider, Dr. Richard Mandel, suggested I try yoga. I said Doc, “they will take away my man card!”. But eventually I took his advice. I was a little apprehensive the first time I went to a yoga class - you know, the fear of the unknown – worrying that I might fart or even worse. But it turned out to be a very nice experience. Since then, I have not had any pain in my lower back or right knee. I am currently taking yoga classes at Elite Personal Training and Fitness Solutions in Huntington Valley. My yoga instructor is Joanna Grace yoga. All I can say is that she’s incredible. Her beginners’ class is challenging and she walks around the room correcting postures and providing positive feedback. Tonight, as I was driving home, I was reflecting on how just a few years ago my back and knee was so bad that I had to walk with a cane. My wife can vouch for that. I was even told I would have to get knee replacements (which I have not). The only thing that is bothering me tonight is my “hammies” screaming at me from getting a decent yoga workout. Yoga is no joke. I highly recommend it. Is the best $20 you can spend or you can go out and get a hoagie and a beer! Your choice is between good health or problems down the line!"

Shawn O.

"Since I have been taking yoga classes with Joanna I noticed a tremendous difference! I was out skating tonight and had been more conscious of the breathing.... What a difference! My stamina is up and I am not getting is winded. Helps with just clearing my head altogether! That along with my body just feeling more loose in general from the yoga. Been sleeping better and feeling better all around."

Breanna D.

"Just took Joanna's yoga class for the 1st time. I absolutely love it!"

Taron R.

"Great one hour yoga class for all levels. My flexibility in my hips, back, shoulders and hamstrings are slowly improving and my breathing and sleep have improved dramatically. I highly recommend taking this class."

Fred G.

Joanna has opened my eyes to a training and lifestyle that I originally was skeptical would be a long term commitment for me. After several months with Joanna i have improved my flexibility n now have different perspective on the need for her training to be incorporated into my daily routine.  As for her instruction style, she is very attentive and understands her students strengths, weaknesses, and needs.  Each class is about "how do you feel today" and Joanna knows when to push it and when to throttle down as needed.  I highly recommend both private n group classes regardless of development level and have recommended her to many of friends and family. 

PAt s.

"Joanna’s love for yoga has carried over into her teaching. Her energy and willingness to try new things to adapt standard yoga poses and make them work for me in my wheelchair has been amazing. As I improved and grew stronger, she constantly researched new poses to challenge my body. Her relaxed attitude made learning yoga easy for me."

Jonathan R.

"I have done mixed martial arts for about 34 years. I’ve always had issues with different parts of my body especially my low back. Came to finally realize after all these years I have been stretching for my warm up and cool down incorrectly that has been doing more damage than good on my body. After learning and training under Joanna, I have felt and seen improvements in my body where I once was feeling hurt, sore and old, I now feel more loose, relaxed, pain-free and most importantly stress-free. Training yoga with Joanna has really helped me reset my mind, body and spirit. Something I believe everyone needs in their lives. I am very happy I found Joanna and look forward to continuing training under her and continue to excel in yoga for my own well-being."

"Thank you, Joanna!"

Kelly B.

"I just took Joanna’s class and my back and neck feel super amazing today! I also slept like a baby last night!"

Sean O.

"I'm feeling really awesome!! Mood and everything! Great class!! I'm really loving it."

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